Employee Spotlight

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The Clay County Board of County Commissioners is able to provide citizens a wide range of services, in thanks to their outstanding and dedicated employees.   Below are the employees that have been recognized so far this year.

Special Staff Recognition


July 14, 2015:  Dawn Schull, webmaster for Clay County, was recognized by Troy Nagle, Management Information Systems Director, for her work and development of the new County website (www.claycountygov.com).  The commissioners congratulated her on her achievement, and for her "behind the scenes" support and positive attitude.  The County Manager also thanked Dawn for her team support.  Dawn thanked Troy Nagle, her co-workers, the Department and Division Heads, and the "Clay County team" for all their help and support.

Video-Player-icon Special Staff Recognition:  Dawn Schull


May 26, 2015:  Robert Neeld, Class A Equipment Operator in Public Works, placed first in the American Public Works Association Equipment Rodeo at the Florida Chapter Conference held in Daytona in April. Competition consisted of approximately 125 of the best operators throughout the state competing on various types of equipment such as backhoes, vac-trucks, mechanical excavators, and mowers.

Video-Player-icon Special Staff Recognition: Robert Neeld

May 12, 2015:  Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Boyer recognized Parks & Recreation employee Lynn Higgs for her outstanding service to their department and to the County. Lynn was praised for her kind and giving qualities to her co-workers, community and citizens of the County.  Ms. Higgs thanked everyone and expressed how much she enjoyed working with her co-workers and staff. County Manager Kopelousos thanked Ms. Higgs for her dedication and service to Clay County.

Video-Player-icon Special Staff Recognition:  Lynn Higgs


April 28, 2015:  Lorin Mock, Fire Chief/Emergency Manager, introduced Captain Bernita Bush, firefighter Jonathan Byrne, and Lieutenant Daniel Legge as recipients of the Department's "Everybody of the Year Award".  Captain Bush received the recognition as employee of the year for administrative functions.  Firefighter Byrne received recognition as volunteer firefighter of the year.  Lieutenant Legge received recognition as career firefighter of the year.

Video-Player-icon Special Staff Recognition:  Captain Bernita Bush, Firefighter Jonathan Byrne, and Lieutenant Daniel Legge.


March 24, 2015:  Jeff Boyer recognized Parks & Recreation employee Don Howell for the impressive job he did filling in during the absence of employee Mike Mitchell because of illness.  Karen Thomas thanked him for his leadership and hard work.  Mr. Howell thanked his Parks and Recreation employees for their hard work.

Video-Player-iconSpecial Staff Recognition:  Don Howell