The Development Review Management Group consists of several different county agencies that review plans for Land Development Code compliance. The management group facilitates plan review and provides for plan management at the completion of development. the Development Review Management Groups goal is to provide streamlined reviews and professional service to all.

Contact Information:
Chad A. Williams
Zoning Chief/Development Review Manager
(904) 541/529-3838
Chad A. Williams

Teresa Capo
Economic and Development Services Coordinator
(904) 529/541-3814
Teresa Capo

Current Projects

 Projects Under Review

Project Name Project # Review Status
Vystar Credit Union- (OP) COMM-2012000020 Comments to Engineer
Foxmeadow Unit 8A RES SP 2014000001 Comments to
Arbor Mill @ Oakleaf Amenity Center  MODCP-2015000006  Comments to Engineer
Constitution Business Park  COMM-2015000020 Comments to Engineer
Branan Fields Health Care Community
COMM-2016000001  Pending Approval for APF Fee
White Oak Estates
PLAT-2016000005 Comments to Owner
Black Creek Village
RES_SP-2016000003  Comments to Engineer
Taco Bell, Middleburg
COMM-2016000015 Revisions to Staff 
St. Theresa Assisted Living Facility
COMM-2016000012 Comments to Staff
Lake Shore Auto Care
COMM-2016000011 Comments to Engineer
Chick-fil-A Wells Road Turn Lane Impr.
MODCP-2016000007 Comments to Engineer
G&H International Site Improvements COMM-2016000017 Staff Review
M&C Warehouse  MODCP-2016000008  Comments to Engineer 

*Please note that links are not provided for all projects. If you have questions please contact Teresa Capo at 541-3818 or Chad Williams at 541-3838.