The mission of the Division of Management Information Systems is to provide and support communications, information, and technology solutions to Clay County and to provide the County with secure, robust, expandable data processing and communication technology."

Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is responsible for the creation, collection and management of location-based information pertaining to Clay County, Florida. Some examples of this information are Road Centerlines, Boat Ramps, Commissioner Districts and Fire Zones. The GIS Division is also responsible for the issuance of addressing in support of the E911 system.

Using this information, the GIS Division is able to generate customized maps for use by the various county departments.  These maps are made available to the public in PDF format.  GIS is also used to perform complex analyses and develop applications that allow the end user to make better informed decisions. For additional information regarding GIS, please visit

Information Technology

Our overall mission is to provide quality data processing services and support the county in an efficient and cost-effective manner by continuous planning, evaluation, developing, and implementing information technology in support of the county's objectives and priorities. The division strives to provide timely, efficient and effective technology support to the employees of the Clay County.

The division is responsible for supporting the primary information resources for the County and maintaining the network and workstation architecture needed to provide access to use these information assets.

MIS serves as a consultant and strategic partner to all County departments to develop technical solutions in support of business functions. The information technology environment continues to evolve towards increased openness and integration between systems.


The Telecommunications Team is composed of a Communications Specialist and Communications Technicians. This group is responsible for all voice communications infrastructure for Clay County government. Clay County receives an average of 1.5 million telephone calls a year.

Telecommunications provides and maintains telephone and other voice related services to all County and County funded facilities. Services include telephone installation and repair.

This division also provides research, evaluation and  implementation of new technology to ensure Clay County has the most current data in technology and  industry standards.