"The mission of the Clay County Public Works is to provide fast and courteous service to the citizens of Clay County."

The mission of the Public Works Department is to preserve the County's investment in its roadways, bridges, drainage and sidewalk facilities by planning, implementation and administration of maintenance, inspection and reconstruction programs:

  • To provide effective, efficient, safe and environmentally sensitive mosquito control services. 
  • To provide all county fleet equipment users with the support services they require.
  • To provide all public roads with signs and signals.
  • To provide support services during natural disasters or other emergencies.

Under the Public Works Department umbrella are several divisions: Mosquito Control, Fleet, Traffic Control and Streets and Drainage.


Fleet Maintenance: "The mission of The Fleet Division is to provide efficient and effective County Fleet services by providing customer agencies with safe, reliable, economical, environmentally sound transportation and related services that are responsive to the needs of the individual customer groups, as well as conserving vehicle value and equipment investments. Fleet also operates and maintains the county-wide vehicle refueling system."

Mosquito Control: "The mission of the Mosquito Control Division is to serve the public in the reduction of pestiferous insects and improve the health and quality of life and outside activities for the citizens of Clay County."

Streets and Drainage: "The mission of the Streets and Drainage Division of Public Works is to maintain and repair county roadways, roadside drainage ditches and roadside right-of-way to provide a safe and reliable transportation network and a stormwater system that minimizes flooding and protects the environment."

Traffic Control: "The task of the Traffic Control Division is to maintain and install as needed, traffic signals, signs, road markings and lighting to the State of Florida Department of Transportation standards for all roadways, waterways, public parking lots, and recreational facilities of Clay County. To develop and supply the highest levels of service by planning, scheduling, directing, and controlling work."